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Pocket Size Fishing Rod

Pocket Size Fishing Rod

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If you are tired of carrying around your bulky fishing rod, with no special control options we have got you covered!

Resembling the size of a large pen, our fishing rod can be easily opened and used with its telescopic design. Its advanced control options make fishing really smooth!   Boasting a corrosion-resistant, high-quality construction, it ensures its durability and longevity!

Product Specifications

  • Material: Glass Reinforcement, Aluminum Alloy(High-Quality Materials)
  • Color: Silver/Black/Blue/Golden/Red/Purple
  • Closed Length of Rod: 21cm( 8.26 inches)
  • Extended Length of Rod: 100 cm( 39.37 inches)
  • Rotation Speed: 2.1:1( Adds to more power and rotation speed of the fishing line)
  • Total Weight: 90g

Benefits For You!

  • Suitable for Catching a Variety of Fish 
  • Provides Improved Stress Distribution   
  • Interchangeable Handles for User Comfort 
  • User-Friendly Control Options 
  • Slim and Stylish Appearance  
  • High-Quality Construction
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Why Does It Work?

Equipped with forward and reverse ratchet stop, drag control, and other cool options, it improves your fish-catching results. The forward and reverse ratchet stop, allows you to engage or disengage the fishing line in both directions.

What makes it more Balanced?

With metal-ceramic conductor rings it ensures that the forces exerted are evenly distributed along the rod. Resulting in a more balanced and comfortable fishing experience!

Where to Use?

With a pocket-sized design, our fishing rod is the best tool for unplanned fishing trips you don’t require a separate case to fit it in! Crafted with high-quality fiber-reinforced plastic it demonstrates exceptional durability, against fast-gushing waters.

How to Use?

  • Unfold and Extend 
  • Simply unfold and extend the fishing rod to its full length. 
  • Attach the Fishing Line (Reel)
  • Attach the fishing line to the rod.
  • Throw and Enjoy! 
  • Simply throw the fishing line and catch fish!

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