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Set Ear Wax Pickers Stainless Steel Earpick Wax Remover

Set Ear Wax Pickers Stainless Steel Earpick Wax Remover

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Clean ears to hear everything clearly

Ear wax impaction not only causes discomfort and itch but also interferes with your hearing. With this set of ear wax remover, you can do ear hygiene at home to always hear everything clearly.

These pickers can go deep inside your ears and come to every nook and cranny to pick up all the wax sneaking in your canal. 

Removing wax brings a comfortable tickle and strange pleasure which is really “addictive”. Once you try cleaning your ears with this set, you will want to do it everyday!

These wax removers come with various types of head but all these heads are rounded and burr-free so they definitely will leave no scratch in your ears. 

Ear canal is a delicate part which can be infected easily. Bearing that in mind, we bring to you the wax picking set made of non-toxic and rust-resistant stainless steel to keep your ears always healthy!
Keep hygiene with this set!


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 

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